Light is the predominant element in capturing memorable images, not only because of its quality, which contributes to the visual impact of those who observe it, but because it can evoke sensations that in some way affect our state of mind. encouragement and the personal way of getting involved in the message.

Prague - Czech Republic

Visual language is another way of communicating and perhaps much more expeditious and impressive than other types of communication, since with an image a great flow of information is transmitted that reaches the brain directly through visual codes, but depending on the training of who observe it, you can generate a more refined criticism, and a greater or lesser degree of discernment.

We must be aware that the importance of capturing images by means of a photographic camera allows us to elaborate a story from reality, and induces us to develop messages through our own visual narrative.

Through the photographic eye you can see the world in a new light; a world for the most part unexplored and unknown; a world waiting to be discovered and revealed ”.

    Edward Weston

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